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Prompts from the writers group

27 Feb
  • Write to a picture
  • Red (or Thread depending on your hearing)

Happy Saturday Warriors

21 Feb


From the site:

In the midst of the 2015 Berlinale, Amma Asante gave the closing speech at an International Women’s Film Festival Network (IWFFN) event on February 12. The director was candid about the “horrific” ten years it took to get her sophomore film, “Belle,” off the ground, while offering a rousing inspirational figure in her (sur)namesake, the Ghanaian warrior queen Yaa Asantewaa, who helped her persevere in her writing and directing career.

Here is Asante’s clothing speech in full (emphases hers), a poignant and encouraging reminder that no woman fights alone.

Happy New Year!

10 Jan

It’s a New Year and new projects abound. Or they probably should. Or something.

For many people Decemeber brings a wonderful spirit and liveliness followed quickly by January which is a renewal. A chance to be reborn and remade. Most years I would be plotting out resolutions and trying to determine which goals are the highest priority. I would be writing a blog post about new opportunities. But I’m having the winter blues,  anyone else?

Creatively I’m in a hot zone. I’m almost done with a script and outlining another. I have an idea for a Reality TV show and I’m reading quite a bit(updating my current list here. Check it out) This should be a great time. Yet, I feel sluggish. My work productivity is low and I can’t find the energy to be around anyone but my partner. I’m becoming a tortoise.

What is it about the cold that awakens the hermit?

Or maybe the stories are true. Maybe writers thrive under solitude and loneliness. When I say thrive I mean that they are creative and produce written work. Because I think when we’re socially stationary our energies decrease, we become vegetables, active minds but nothing stirring physically.

I have another theory of course. A very personal hypothesis. I have a fear that all this writing will crash into a giant block of grief. What can you do to fight it? You can’t.