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Prompts from the writers group

27 Feb
  • Write to a picture
  • Red (or Thread depending on your hearing)

Thursday Treat: Links I’m Lovin! 7/7/11

7 Jul

Hey Guys, its been a long week. I participated in my first twitter chat(thanks for being amazing #ynpchaters), I didn’t receive the last interview in a string of long interviews, and next week in my S.O.’s birthday! I’ve been on the move a lot and the S.O. has been giving me heck about my internet time. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have links for you! Some are a little old but I hope that if you haven’t seen them yet, you’ll take the opportunity to read through and maybe learn something. Enjoy!



Those are your links. Check back next week for plenty of fun!

Thursday Treat: Links I’m lovin’ 6/30/11

30 Jun

Another week gone by and so much fun and interesting information on the net! Here they are your thursday links, Enjoy!


Those are them, your links for the week. I had a few more so I may update a little later today or do a second edition tomorrow. In any case, enjoy your weekend!