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March Summary

3 Apr
  • Read 1 Script
  • Rewrite in process
  • New Script in process
  • 1 writers group meeting


4 Feb

Everywhere I turn the world is trying to tell me to get out of my shell and do something. Evidence as follows:

  • I went on a work retreat recently where one of the quotes I walked away with this quote: “Opportunities multiply as they are seized”–Sun Tzu
  • I just started listening to this awesome podcast Hilliard Guess’s The Screenwriting Rant Room (please check them out they are so cool) and I recently listened to their “Being Fearless Episode” (it’s from Dec. 14th 2014). You can tell from the title of the Episode what they were telling me.

So I decided to go out and do something. I submitted to the OutFest Screenwriting Lab.


Let me tell you that this was the hardest thing I have done in a while. I found out about the late deadline last Monday afternoon and the deadline was Saturday the 31st. Needless to say I was on an emotional roller coaster trying to get the thing done and not talk myself out of submitting all together. I realized a few things.


My people are the literal best: I sent a few of my friends (writers and not) two writing samples on Tuesday afternoon and I begged for feedback about which one I should submit. Not only did they respond and give me a recommendation on which one I should submit but lots of folks gave me feedback about ways to improve the submissions. I love you guys. You’re amazing and I’m so lucky to have people that I don’t connect with everyday who will lovingly read my stuff and give me feedback.


I don’t have enough faith in myself: My people are the best because they gave me so much love and encouragement but the truth is I should have been giving myself that love. I had no faith in my words and as a person who wants to take her writing to another level this year that isn’t ok. How many opportunities have I missed/will I miss because I don’t have enough faith in myself? If I don’t have faith why should anyone else?


I still have room to grow but I never will if I never let go. I have a very bad habit of editing myself into a corner. Why is that? Because instead of doing two or three edit rounds and then handing the work to someone else I hold it close. I don’t want anyone to see my imperfect work. The problem with that of course is that work is never perfect. It simply never is. It doesn’t get perfect. Nothing is perfect. This is a lesson I have a hard time learning but it is one of the most important ones. Sometimes you have to let go to learn and grow and get better and closer to “perfect” . Sad but true 🙂


If you pay attention you don’t have to rush. If I had been paying attention to my calendar and really doing a good job of looking for opportunities and keeping track of them I wouldn’t have had to rush to get this done and I could have avoided a lot of stress. I have to make the time to look for the things I want/need to do to allow myself the opportunity to be fearless.


Ultimately I submitted and that’s the best outcome there possibly can be.


But now I do have to rewrite my WHOLE Gales script because I realized the drama was some place I hadn’t yet explored. Mixed feelings on that one 🙂


Are you fearless when it comes to your goals, writing otherwise? What would happen if you got crazy and did something that scares you in a short time line?

What I’ve been writing lately

3 Dec

My writing life as of late consists of a very small list of mostly work pieces that I HAVE to write. The list is thus:

  • Emails: Mostly professional
  • Tip sheets for my students
  • Screenplay: a very little work on this
  • Creating a wiki site 

On top of these projects I am reaching out to my students, moving across the bay and considering a PH.D. In case you couldn’t tell I am super busy. But don’t think I’ve forgotten about you :). In fact I hope to have some posts coming up very soon. This is just the start.



Friday Reflection: Keep moving

25 Nov

Can you believe that I past the 100 post mark? It seems like only yesterday this was just a fledgling blog with inconsistant posts. Now, we have consistant fun, posts that I hope you all enjoy. As you know I have been trying to write a poem a day for this month. While I haven’t always stuck to my constraint (140 characters) I have written quite a bit. It’s amazing to me what telling yourself to sit down and just write something can do. Somedays I wrote stuff that I hated. Other days, I was so happy with the work I was beaming all day. In either case I was always happier when I took the time to write than when I didn’t, although I think you could have guessed that would be the case. For those doing NaNoWriMo, how has it been? How do you feel now that you are wrapping up?

I’m also coming into my own in a lot of ways. I am trying to put on a poetry slam and workshop series at my job and I’m working with my kids very well. The one place I still feel like my footing isn’t completely stable is Y&G, but from what everyone keeps telling me, thats just the way the first year is. I feel pretty good about where I am but still hazy on where I’m going. My boss keeps reminding me that its not instant gratification. Things come with time, all you have to do is keep positively moving forward and you’ll get to where you need to be. Thats what I’m trying to keep in mind.

It’s december all ready folks! Next Months reflection will be about my goals for the year and how I have(or haven’t) accomplished them. Looking forward to the end of this year and hopefully to an awesome next year!

Friday Reflection: Creativity & Friends are a must 10/14/2011

14 Oct

It has been a long week! Very long! This week I worked both jobs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today as well. Those were long days. Add to that, my new private tutoring gigs and it adds up to a busy week. Don’t get me wrong, its great experience and I am happy to have such diverse work. However, I also started working out again and got my period so my body is ready for a break. I’m looking forward to Sunday when I plan to cook, eat and relax.

You may have noticed I haven’t talked about poetry much in a while. I haven’t had a lot of extra time and I haven’t made any extra time for it. This week though I wrote a piece of a screen play and a poem. It feels so rejuvenating to write. Even if its nonsense and it isn’t going well. I have been craving writing essays, editing my writing, poetry, poetry readings and people. So, in the hopes that having a concrete deadline will inspire me, I want to post a poem a week. I’m planning to upload them on Tuesdays. All of them will be unedited, all of them will be untitled and hopefully with a littlework all of them will be publishable for real.

The second issue of  Generations literary Magazine is out and my friend sent me a copy. It’s a beautiful issue and features some really interesting writers. Mostly, it made me miss my poetry friends. I feel like I’m on a desert island. I need to see people. I love hanging out with the SO  but even she was thinking we need to start making more friends and being more active. Nothing I can really do about this one except get out in the world. And that is hard! I live in the remote part of the world and with my schedule, hooking up with my friends is next to impossible. But I’m going to try.

You may say I’m a dreamer…

14 Jun

I saw this quote recently on Rosetta Thurman‘s blog. It said:


My mother and I have been talking a lot about my day job and whether I should stay or whether I should look for other employment. She feels like I can learn a lot from my new manager and I agree with her. My problem is love. When I started working at my current job I was excited. It was a new environment, with new challenges and certainly a forward step from the job I had prior. I loved talking with our clients and engaging with people. Then, everything changed. My manager at that time hired a coordinator who was extremely laidback and not at all proactive. Then my manager went on maternity leave. I had to step up a lot during that six month period and I am proud of myself from doing it but I do feel like in the end it killed my love.

I love poetry. It’s fun, interesting and allows me to use a part of my brain that I don’t usually get to. But I will admit that sometimes the business of writing can kill the love of writing for me. I want people to read my work and I want to be engaging in the community but I don’t want to lose my love of writing because of it. If I ever start to seriously feel like I’m working with distaste, I’ll have to stop doing it. How do you keep your love of writing? How do you get yourself to genuinely connect with anything you love, and not get tired of it or lose your desire to do it?

I hope your work fills you with love and that you get to work with joy.