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I don’t write poems any more but I wrote this one for you

26 Sep

I am sick[1] of people dying

Not just grandma’s and grandpa’s past their prime

But Uncles and fathers who

Look like “bad dudes” from

Far away

A sort of brutal Monet

So much fear from far away

So old it has been in the Americas as long as we[2] have

How many times have I stood in

Neutrality because my God said so

While someone died

For reading

The old habits are not dead

Only rewritten as law

As blue blood over brown skin

I worry for my children[3]

Who have yet to be born

[1] I am a black woman I cannot get sick

[2] A misnomer because we didn’t want to be here and we stole the land from those who were here

[3] Brown children are not children but thugs and lawless animals

Can’t breathe

25 Oct

There is a frog in my throat

who keeps stepping on my tender uvula

He insists that I have nothing to say

no need to breathe or eat

My mind is tripping on the old trappings it wants to release

so many words censored over the years

warts growing on my esophagus

Will I ever speak again?

There is a frog in my throat

eating words of strength and love

A bitterness pervades my saliva

like a snake I spit

You gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em

16 Jul

As promised this post is about knowing when to give up writing. I guess the title of this post suggests that I do have an idea of when this should be done but to be honest, I have no idea.

I’ve been writing this blog for how long now? almost two years. Fall 2010 begins the journey. Have I always done my posts? No way. Do I often feel like I’m not saying anything? All the time. When I am on, I feel like I am on and when I’m off I feel way off. I think for me, I struggle with agendas. Where do I want this blog to be? What “brand” am I creating with my posts? Does it matter? Do you sometimes write long letters to yourself about where you want to be right now and how off that path you are? I think about doing things like that. But I stop myself. So do I give up my blog becuase I don’t want the pressure of having to give one side of myself all the time or do I expand the blog to accommodate the multiple facets of me? Or do I start a new  blog which is solely focused on the everything else that my life presents.  I love to read all of these beautifully written blogs that focus on one thing but I struggle with how to write one.

My poetry is another story. The energy to write a poem has drained from my heart and I feel like I have forgotten what it means to write poetry. There is a lot of prose here. The desire to write essays, academic papers, plays, movies, and all sorts of words that I would not call poem. But is it a part of poetry to expand beyond genre and write what I need to write.

A part of me thinks that community has a lot to do with the problem. They say 3 in 10 MFA in Creative writing grads keep writing after they finish the degree. I have a feeling this is because they miss the community of writers and being around people who also believe this writing is worth it. This work is so much better than anything else I could be doing. Or at least just as important. That’s how  I feel right about now. I live in a place with little to no literary culture but is on the outskirts of a culture that lives and breaths and grows. Sometimes I think about not writing another poem ever again. But the thought makes me cry.

So I guess that’s where I am. The intersection of perfect balance and disheveled chaos. I’m leaning towards letting the lines bleed. Maybe this thing I’ve been trying to do where I don’t include certain things and I omit isn’t working for me. I omit so much of my life within my life already. What do you think readers: do we give up on keeping our pretty pink bows on or do we just put down our pens and turn off the lights?

Tuesday Poem: On this the day that the benevolent Saint Valentine gave us to worship each other because I only love you one day

14 Feb
Or perhaps if I was feeling more anti-capitalist I would say:
On this day that the mass media and years of social pressure has ingrained in us is a day of love when its really a day of increased revenue for the the stores and not a true celebration of the love that we feel or don’t feel
Or I could call it the one day a year that I get sex without having to do much

The problem with old saint valentine is he has forgotten his voice
if he ever had one
and if he ever had one he would probably spit on all this
stuff we feel we have to do
the chocolate
and champagne and the jewelry that costs more than my car
If he ever had a reason to believe that this would become the day of lovers
this February 14th which is arbitrarily marketed as the one day a year I may profess my love
and how does a man who died for god only knows what
beget love?

I guess what I am trying to say is
I love you every day
and not just this one
I guess what I would like to give you
is the peace of mind to know that my love is not reserved for February
but flourishes in every other month
and I guess what I would like to say is
I love you
and the rest of my life too

Thursday Treat: Links I’m Lovin’ 2/9/2012

9 Feb

Tuesday Poem: Clearing

31 Jan

Clearing out the cobwebs

I play the songs of erratic movement

a vision for calamity

it comes home to me

restless and fatigued

this sexual insanity that swells in me

a rabid dog

the medication has worn off

I cannot see the world

I see only shattered four leaf clovers

stripped of luck and sauteed in butter

Tuesday Poem: Blah

24 Jan
She thinks that heaven happens
some where close to
your hands in hers
she thinks
it doesn’t matter
that you’re the woman who knows best
hot to make her cry
but I’m no fool
I know that love has its pains
but those are surpassed by there gains
and I know you
you feel unreal to me
the way touch her isn’t clear

Video Monday: Poems about Identity

23 Jan

Friday Reflection: 5 Poetry Books

20 Jan

Another January Friday and another opportunity to share how I’m going to achieve my goals for this year. This week, that’s talking about the new poetry books I’ll be reading this year. Some of these are books I planned to read in 2011 and didn’t get around to and some are new this year but I’m trying to read new books and get new perspective.

  • Mule & Pear by Rachel Eliza Griffiths. This was one of the last books I purchased in 2011. Rachel is an excellent photographer and I have been interested in reading her poetry for a while. It won’t be the first book I read but it will probably be first or second.
  • Fairy Tales in Electri-city by Francesca Lia Block. I love fairy tales and science fiction so I am excited to read this one. I’m in the midst of reading it now and the poems are beautiful and haunting. I’m excited to finish it and hoping to find another speculative or Gothic poetry book to read later this year.
  • Come On All You Ghosts by Matt Zapruder. This book is actually from 2010 but I really liked his work when I heard him speak in 2011. It was on my list to read all last year and so I’m going to try to finish it this year.
  • selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee by Megan Boyle. I first heard about this book on HTMLGiant. Its supposed to be really good but I imagine its a little experimental for my tastes but I’m going to check it out anyway.
  • Up Jump the Boogie by John Murillo. Another sort of cheat. This book is from 2010 but was huge all through 2011. It won a ton of awards and I have been meaning to check it out all year but I like to avoid the hype. So now is a perfect time 🙂


Those are the five books I plan to read this year for sure. These are just the poetry books. I also plan on reading 20 books for pleasure. Maybe next week you’ll get that list. 🙂 Until next week!




Thursday Treat: Links I’m Lovin 1/19/2012

19 Jan