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I don’t write poems any more but I wrote this one for you

26 Sep

I am sick[1] of people dying

Not just grandma’s and grandpa’s past their prime

But Uncles and fathers who

Look like “bad dudes” from

Far away

A sort of brutal Monet

So much fear from far away

So old it has been in the Americas as long as we[2] have

How many times have I stood in

Neutrality because my God said so

While someone died

For reading

The old habits are not dead

Only rewritten as law

As blue blood over brown skin

I worry for my children[3]

Who have yet to be born

[1] I am a black woman I cannot get sick

[2] A misnomer because we didn’t want to be here and we stole the land from those who were here

[3] Brown children are not children but thugs and lawless animals

Can’t breathe

25 Oct

There is a frog in my throat

who keeps stepping on my tender uvula

He insists that I have nothing to say

no need to breathe or eat

My mind is tripping on the old trappings it wants to release

so many words censored over the years

warts growing on my esophagus

Will I ever speak again?

There is a frog in my throat

eating words of strength and love

A bitterness pervades my saliva

like a snake I spit

Tuesday Poem: Blah

24 Jan
She thinks that heaven happens
some where close to
your hands in hers
she thinks
it doesn’t matter
that you’re the woman who knows best
hot to make her cry
but I’m no fool
I know that love has its pains
but those are surpassed by there gains
and I know you
you feel unreal to me
the way touch her isn’t clear

Video Monday: Poems about Identity

23 Jan

Tuesday Poem: Rough

18 Jan

I have always been a person with an edge

the one who never smiled

or whose smile had the look of

obnoxious, condesenion

I have always been the one whose face has gotten her

into trouble

I have always been the rough one

*****Sorry for the delay guys. I was out of town over the weekend at a youth leadership conference and I didn’t get much writing done. This poem is exactly what the title says, rough!****

Tuesday Poem: Promise

3 Jan

I wanted to tell you that you are a dreamer

a creature of habit and inspiration

You run back and forth

back and forth

an undualating wave of promises broken

and regrets that stick in your teeth

you just keep on pushing back

against the weight of people’s expectations

on to the next one

and the next one is  the right one

you are sure of it

but I have to tell you

you are a dreamer

lost in the fog of mourning

Tuesday Poem: Convinced of being findable

20 Dec

I went on a journey to find my soul

its still missing by the way

if you see it

you know my number so don’t hesitate

I went on a journey to find my soul

to see if I had left it in day dreams of far off places

in the memories for disappointment

I started to allude to where it was in my choices

first paris at the eiffel tower

then Mount everest

the destination more precarious the moment when I realized

too late

I went looking for my soul outside oif minimarts

but its an upscale little thing and was probably waiting for me at a lounge in new york

I wanted to be able to say I found it servign soup in a soup kitchen

or giving shots to malnourished African children

I wanted to be able to say I found it writing poems

telling stories in written word to be spoken by herself

I would have liked very much for you to call and say you found it

that I left it by your bed and had ever considered putting a bell on this thing?

Or GPS tracking

or Whatever you can do to spirits these days

I know there is an App for that

I erupted out of steel hope

wanting to believe that it was somewhere near by and hiding from me

I regret to say it is no where to be found

and if I am sitting right beside it must have an invisiblity cloak on

or is using a star trek themed teleporter to hide from me

I wanted to pretend that this was the place where it all came back to

to me and my strong spirit mind and body

but regretablely it doesn’t stand beside me with its arms raised screaming my name

not anymore

I have wasted its time for the last time

and it may not visit me anymore

Tuesday Poem: Not a poem

13 Dec

I want to write you a poem

a love song



I want to write you a sonnet

a truth in word

but I forgot all the things that I knew

the power of knowing is the possibility of doing

but even that I can’t give you

I wanted to write you a poem

to tell all my quiet secrets

but instead I have written you this nothing

to say nothing for a while

Tuesday Poem: Day 17, Poem 2

29 Nov
The warmth of curried chicken
with Brussels sprouts
is not quite the warmth that burns for you
but it is nearly as mouthwatering
and like you meant to be savoured

Tuesday Poem: Day 2 Poem 2

8 Nov
Sneak out to meet you
in front of your house with your neighbors bright light
Your smile so alluring
I endure to meet your lips