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2017 Writing Goals

14 Jan

So here it is. Fresh start. Let’s pretend for just a minute that we meet here regularly and that I share and you appreciate this sharing. Are you with me? Good.

I wrote up some writing goals for myself for this year. Mostly because I truly believe that goal setting is important but also because I’m just used to doing it. So here they are in no particular order, my 2017 writing goals.

  1. Finish my re-write of Lycanthropy and dig in on editing the manuscript. Last year I wrote two novels (!!) one of them being Lycanthropy. It’s been a great exercise in writing and plotting and I’d like to try to make it good enough to send out for querying. That may not happen (because though I love Lycanthropy it changes literally every time I work on it).
  2. Rewrite and Edit Through Time and Space. TT&S is the second novel I wrote last year. I REALLY like it (though I haven’t picked it up since I wrote it). When I finish this current Lycanthropy re-write I’d like to go back and edit/re-write this manuscript. AGain with the end goal being to use it for querying.
  3. Write and submit three short stories. My intention this year is to write my main MS on the week days and then write short stories over the weekends. This allows me some space from my novels to think and re-group and lets me play  a little in the short fiction realm. Clearly that means I’ll write more than three stories this year but I’d like to write three stories that I feel are strong enough to submit and do so.
  4. Participate in more local writing events. For me the major one is LitQuake.
  5. Write a new novel.
  6. Apply to at least one writing workshop, retreat or class. Possible:
    1. Voices at VONA
    2. Clarion West
    3. Viable Paradise
    4. Lambda Literary
  7. Be a part of the literary community consistently. What does this mean? Going to readings, beta reading for other writers, talking (harder than you think) to other writers and generally growing in my community.


Is that a lot of goals? I can’t tell. Anyways, that’s what I have going on. What about you?

Friday Reflection: End of 2011

30 Dec

It’s been a long year. I’ve gone from student to professional in the firest 6 month and from secure to doubtful in about as much time. I am entering the new year with the hope that 2012 will bring happiness, purpose and pride in myself. Just in case you thought I forgot about you guys, I didn’t. The end of the year to me means frantically cleaning and making things fresh and new for the new year. I have reorganized my room, cleaned out my car and am trying to clear some mental clutter as well. I hope to be back on track with my posts next week.

Today though I want to do a recap of my goals for this past year and let you know about the goals that  I have for next year.

2011 Goals:

1. Read 20 books for pleasure. I finished half of this. You’ll see from my reading list that I read about 10-15 books but I started way more. Hopefully next year I can read more.

2. Write 2 poems a week. I failed at this. After my thesis my writing has been inconcsistant and often my quest for the perfect routine has been short lived. Will be working on this.

3. Submit twice a month. Yeah epic fail.

4.Engage in more literary discussion. I plan to work on this as well. I didnt do very well.

5. Attend one non-mills reading a month. At this point if I could get to Mills it would be amazing. This year I’m going to get out in the community more and also try to get the community to come to me.

6. Network with more writers. Not great.

7. Write with out self editing. I tried to do this for November and it worked out well. I’m going to try to write more this ear and hoepfully keep my comments to myself.

8. Edit before I submit. Yeah…..no.

9. Same!

10.Blog consistently. I think I get a pass on this one! I wasn’t always perfect but I did pretty well with being consistent and doing posts. I want to get back to my roots and do more actual writing here with my opinions and the like. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy that too.

And now, my 2012 goals:

Professional- Writing

  1. Perform at 2 Open Mics/Slams
  2. Submit to at least 6 journals
  3. Read at least 5 new poetry books
  4. Edit Thesis manuscript and submit
  5. Produce 104 new poems this year (about 2 poems a week)
  6. Write one script


  1. Be on Budget or below for at least 6 months
  2. Meditate once per week
  3. Lose 20 lbs
  4. Read 10 books for pleasure
  5. De-clutter, downsize room
  6. Journal
  7. Save 8 month emergency fund ($16,000)
  8. Fall in love with what I do (or find something I can fall in love with)

This year I included my personal goals as well. What are you working on this year?