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This pleased me more than I can say…

23 Feb


The Importance of Your 20s

3 Jun

Uh What?

19 Mar

What I love about this video is the people who are justifying his statements in the comments. When is slavery ever ok? Absolutely and intrinsically never. How do you know when the emotional, spiritual and intellectual pain of an entire people is over? You don’t. You can never say to someone you have no relationship to this thing that happened to your ancestors and therefore you can’t talk about it. The truth is we should all–black, white, green, purple–feel pain that slavery is a part of our collective history. I’m sure I will garner some trolls for saying it but that’s what I think. That would be the same as telling Jewish people to stop talking about the Holocaust because they weren’t there. To be clear, that is NOT my position at all.

Video Monday: I’m back….let’s get funny!

27 Feb


Video Monday: Shi* Someone Says

30 Jan

Video Monday: Poems about Identity

23 Jan

Video Monday: Politics & Poetry

16 Jan


Video Monday: Beauty in Poetry

9 Jan

Video Monday: New Year Inspired

2 Jan

Hello 2012!


Video Monday: Love Love

26 Dec

Happy Post-Christimas! Love someone special today!