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Prompts from the writer’s group: 3/25

25 Mar

We didn’t meet today. Everyone’s schedules are insane. That’s the way it is sometimes.

Instead I am seated very respectably in front of a whole foods. Scooping hippies and hipsters, waiting on the light of my life to arrive.

I didn’t want you all to go with out. So here is a prompt:

Write about your name. Whatever that means for you.

I have this vision of you sitting down in the morning in front of your journal writing a short story or a poem or a scene.  Are you writing?


Prompts from the writers group

27 Feb
  • Write to a picture
  • Red (or Thread depending on your hearing)

Prompts from the Writing Group

19 Jan

This is the first time I’ve been apart of a writing group that wasn’t curated by a school or for an assignment. It’s also the first time I’ve tried to put a group of writers together by myself and I have to say I’m nervous about whether or not it will be successful. What’s successful? It would probably be helpful to know that :).

To me this group is successful if it incites people to write. We’ve allocated time for chat and for doing writing exercises/prompts and the goal is to give folks the opportunity to do their work.

In service of that mission, I thought it might be fun to put the prompts we use here on this blog. Hopefully these prompts will incite you to write.

  • What happened to them all
  • A slow Blink (or as one writer heard it A Slow __________)

Happy Writing!