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Ugh…. Health and Money

8 Aug

So you all know, I did a fruit & veggie juice/chew for five days. What does this mean? For the last five days I ate or drank only fruits and veggies. It was hard. REALLY REALLY hard. But this morning starts the beginning of changing my diet for the better but being able to eat more whole foods and work meat/poultry/fish  back into my diet. I am excited.

The thing I craved the most on my juice cleanse? A beautiful turkey sandwich with avocado. Yeah, of all the things to crave this was mine. Don’t get me wrong I thought about a lot of other things I could be eating but the turkey sandwich meme stuck with me.

My worst day? Day three. My joints hurt, I had a headache, my stomach was irritable and I felt extremely nauseous.

What did I lose? A grand total of 9 lbs. Not to mention that my body looks slim, my skin looks pretty good and I feel pretty good. Now this isn’t to say that I have fixed all my problems or that I won’t gain this weight back as I add meat back into my diet but I’m excited and hoping that this little reboot I did will be just the jump-start I need for continuing a healthy lifestyle.

The first thing I’m eating now that I’m done? More juice! You read that right. This morning I decided to continue juicing during the day and to enjoy a more solid meal for dinner. I will have fruits and veggies throughout the day but I think this is working for me right now.

How much did it cost? I’m not going to lie. It was kind of a lot. For two people for five days worth of fruits and veggies to eat and juice I think I spent somewhere near $100. We did a farm to home delivery service and then supplemented with some fruits and veggies that we bought at our favorite local grocery store. This isn’t horrible but I just started a new job and as you can guess my money has yet to get right. I am now super broke but my body feels pretty good. Go  figure.

Want to learn more about this juicing thing? Check out Join the Reboot and the film Fat, Sick and Nearly dead.

This brings me to the second part of my post today and that is about money. I’m going to rant for a second so get ready. This is a horrible two weeks for me and it isn’t over till the 16th. My second pay check came on the first of the month which is the check that needs to pay for over $1,000 worth of bills.  How much did I make on this check? $950. I panicked. My partner, lovely woman that she is, loaned me money to cover my bills and I returned some things I had purchased with the previous check and I balanced to within an inch of my life. And by that I mean I am overdrawn on one of my bank accounts. I am not happy. Not to mention that I am now at the max or nearly at the max of my credit cards just trying to survive. I am frustrated by money. I wish it wasn’t necessary. What’s a girl to do.

I’m sincerely hoping that this next check will put me in a better place monetarily because I hate borrowing money. Worse, my partner hates to  “lose” money and while I’m cute, I ain’t that cute.

Ugh…health and money guys. Health and money.

The Waiting Game

11 Apr

Remember when I said I was going to submit to a whole bunch of places this semester? Remember when I had these great goals for my writing life? Well I’m epicly failing. I do have to say though that I feel like the wait is a part of it. Any writer/artist/muscision/creative professional will tell you that the hardest thing about getting your work out into the world, beyond the rejection, is the waiting.


Yesterday, I received a response to s submission I sent out in September. I still have a submission for which I haven’t heard back from August. I hate submitting because I hate waiting to find out if I’m successful or if I’ve failed. Again. Failure is obviously 99.9% of what i receive. Thats just the nature of the beast. All the waiting can make you feel like it’s not worth it to submit. Let’s face it, I send out 3-5 poems per submission and it takes the average journal approximately 3-10 months to respond. I understand that there is a high volume of submissions, I really do but I just feel like why should I bother to wait over a year just to be told someone isn’t interested in my work. Maybe if I received a personal note from them or something but thats mostly impossible. I mean if every editor took the time to write personal notes about your work than they would take somewhere between 2-5 years to respond to each submission it receives. Somehow that would be worse.

So I understand I have to wait and I understand that these things take time. But if we look at the cost/benefit analysis is it worth it? I guess that’s why creative activities are a work of the heart and not of the head. My logical self says my energy would be better spent trying to get a promotion at my bill paying job but my heart says, I’ll just write one more poem. Just send it out…just see what happens…


What do you do with your waiting time? Do you use it to read other publications your thinking about submitting to or what? I’d love to hear. I mostly have self doubt and throw myself into all the things I have to do.

Money money money

10 Feb

My new obsession of the moment is my money. Every year around this time I get obsessed with how much I’m spending, how much I’ll owe on my student loans and when all of this spending I’ve been doing is going to catch up with me. For the first time in a long time I’m really thinking about working with a budget and this is probably a good time considering that I’m about to graduate and for my undergraduate loans the grace periods have passed.

I’ve also been thinking about money and poetry. I know what you’re thinking…what money? My point exactly. If I ever want to be able to give up working for a little bit and commit myself to writing than I have to know what I’m spending. So this week I’ve got all of my new money obsession tools for you. Most of them aren’t literary in nature but they might be fun and helpful for you as person as well as a writer.

  1.– This wonderful sight tracks your spending habits and suggests a budget for you based on that. You can adjust it as you see fit but this has been a great start for me. Not only does it allow you to track spending but you can look at your net worth and it gives you ways to save money and goal management stuff as well. Try it out!
  2. CNBC– I’ve been watching the Suze Orman Show via podcast from Itunes. Its really great. Plus I caught an episode of Til debt do us part and I really enjoyed that show as well. I watched it with a friend and we discussed the sort of financial partnerships we’d like to have in the future. It was great.
  3. Speaking of Suze Orman: Young, Faboulous and Broke  . This book is a few years old now and so some times I wonder if its entirely relevant but its at least got me thinking and that’s important.
  4. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips For a Richer Life. Did you know I love podcasts? Well I do and I’m enjoying Laura Adams podcast. I don’t always agree with what she says ( I prefer to go with Suze’s advice) but I think she’s great about breaking things down to a basic level without making you feel dumb.

Just four little things that are helping me with my money. What’s helping you?