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6 Apr

I finished a script guys.

That’s the second script of the year!

To celebrate I bought myself two Patricia Briggs novels(Blood Bound & Iron Kissed) since I’m trying to build up my collection of books I’ve read and liked.

Next steps are to finish this rewrite and then start working on the rewrite of the script before this one. ūüôā

What have you been working on? What are you feeling accomplished about right now? Share!

Question: How do you stay connected?

5 May

How do you get your news? I personally subscribe to a bunch of RSS feeds using Feedly. I like it for the most part though I only recently made the switch because of the death of google reader. How do you stay on top of what’s¬†happening around the web?

And I decided…

19 Jul

That I will write whatever the heck I want when I want.


I am trying to write a lesbian film. Something with a little action and a little romance. I will probably never finish it, let alone said it to anyone but I kind of think if I set a deadline for myself to try and get a script done by January, so I can film the movie for QWOCMAP that it would help me write. Not to mention that this would be a short film and just good for my energies. Thoughts? Have you written a script before? Have any advice? Post a comment please!


Also, I will be posting on the blog again. But I have no idea what the posts will be about. You never know what to expect. Things that are on my mind that you may see in the future : weddings, apartment searching, writing, poems, community, San Francisco, and health.

That all sounds super domestic doesn’t it? Damn. In Any case. Stuff is happening. Let me know what you think.



Whole Foods Parking Lot!

14 Jul

Love this…its offensive and honest

26 Jun