Monday musings: The Beast

31 Mar

I’ve always got this thing about juggling my writing time. I prefer to write in the morning before the light comes out and my partner is up but that isn’t always possible. A lot of evenings I’m so exhausted my partner pressures me to sleep in the following morning. Or I have a major work assignment to finish. Or I’m too damn lazy.

I’m sure you notice when these times hit. The blog goes barely there for a while and there is a surge where I battle with my body for a few hours of writing time. Just like right now I’m typing this while watching Constantine and hoping my partner doesn’t call me out.

At least I’m writing though! That’s something…I’m in a very sci-fi fantasy kind of mood at the moment. What are you writing?


One Response to “Monday musings: The Beast”

  1. Fawn April 2, 2014 at 9:03 AM #

    At least you are writing…:) Keep doing it, however you get there. I believe in your word. XO

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