Monday Musings: Hospital Visits

23 Dec

Hospital visits are the worst. You always feel sort of in the way and it just drives your level of anxiety up. At least that’s how it is for me. So imagine my surprise when I found myself in the hospital, not visiting but needing to be visited. The entire time I was in the E.R. I was thinking how inconvenient it was for other people to have visit me, take care of me and be stressed about me.

This was my first ever time needing to be admitted to the hospital and I can tell you the sensation was rather odd. I was certain the whole time that there was nothing wrong with me and I would just be annoyed about the bill. What I came to realize was that its such hell to be the person in the hospital that its sort of worth the anxiety put on others isn’t it? Sort of a selfish thing to realize right? But it’s incredible to realize just how scary it can be to be the one left behind.

I’m fine now and home recovering recovering but it seemed funny to be so concerned for others as I went in for emergency surgery. How do you feel about visiting the hospital?


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