Words Wednesday: My new writing schedule

27 Nov

I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of getting up early to write and also to make time for all aspects of my writing (yay! that means the blog will pick up steam again).  I recently finished a script I am really happy with that needs some editing and I have recently started a new project.  In an effort to stay on track, I have decided to schedule my days writing sessions and I figured I would share that with you. Obviously things are subject to change but the idea is that this schedule helps keep me balanced about my writing and the work I am doing with it. Also, that it won’t allow me to put off something I may not be the most fond of in place of something more exciting (at least for the moment).

This idea kind of came to me from reading the Go Into the Story blog at the Blklst.com. I’ve really been enjoying the recent articles on screenwriting and especially the goal of 1,2,7,14.


  • 30 Min: First Draft
  • 30 Min: Rewrite


  • 30 Min: First Draft
  • 30 Min: Prep new project


  • 30 Min: Rewrite
  • 30 Min: Brainstorming


  • 30 Min: First Draft
  • 30 Min: Prep new project


  • 30 Min: Brainstorming


  • 30 Min: Brainstorming/Prep
  • 30 Min: Rewrite
  • 60 Min: First Draft
  • 60 Min: Blog


I would guess you’re thinking….you’re only giving the blog an hour on Sunday? Well that’s because I work on the blog at more random times through out the week. I won’t sit down on Sunday and watch a whole bunch of trailers so undoubtedly that will happen during the rest of the week. Make sense?

What’s your schedule like? Share it in the comments!


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