Monday Musings: I won’t smile…

25 Nov

So don’t ask me.

Last week was a long week for me. I had a bunch of meetings, a bunch of deadlines and drama with my car. You can imagine I was a little bit stressed out. I was walking into my office thinking about my to-do list, my plan of attack for the day and what I was going to do about my vehicle, obviously with total disregard for the appearance of my face, when I noticed a young man walking towards me. No big deal, its a street people walk towards you all the time.

He looked at me and I looked at him preparing myself to give a polite smile as I always do, when suddenly he says, “Smile. Put a smile on that face.”

I was already in mid-polite smile when he said it so he followed it up with “Pretty!”

I wish that I hadn’t smiled.

I wish that I was not driven by some foolhardy need to be polite when people pass me on the street. I do genuinely try to give a polite smile or a courteous head nod when I pass people especially if we’ve made some sort of eye contact but I can not abide being told to smile and I am totally disappointed that this guy was walking around the rest of the day thinking that he got me to smile. Why? Why did this put me in a funky mood for the morning replaying all the things I would have/could have done in this situation?

  1. I am not a dog. You should not command me to do things on the street just because you can and think you have the right to.
  2. My role in life is not to please you. However you may be feeling as you walk down the street, elated, depressed or whatever, it is not my job to serve in improving your mood. While me smiling might make you happy, you don’t have the right to request it from me especially in such a drive-by fashion.
  3. When was the last time a random woman on the street told you to do anything? Never? And yet you find it completely appropriate to tell a random woman on the street to do something. Awesome. No really that’s not sarcasm I think its great that you’ve deigned to exert your masculine power over me. It was a great experience, lets do it again some time.

It’s not the first time strange men have yelled things on the street to me. You would be surprised what a fresh hair cut does to the men of San Francisco. I doubt very much it will be the last time someone yells something at me but I hope that if you are a man who is reading this that the next time you think “I should tell that woman ….” that you keep it to yourself.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.


One Response to “Monday Musings: I won’t smile…”

  1. Shwoopy Bear. November 25, 2013 at 9:10 AM #

    Preach! Church!

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