Summer Fun

4 Aug

Hi Guys! It’s been a while I know. My absence is due to the usual set of distractions: work, other projects and trying to get into a groove. My partner had a birthday recently and planning that occupied a lot of my internet time. In any case, my movie view has waned the last month or so but I do have a couple of quick reviews for you. 

Man of Steel- Was pretty good. By now you’ve seen that many of the superman nerds are not pleased. As a comic fan but not a huge Superman person I thought it was fine. While the ending, which is the source of much controversy, was shocking I don’t know that it ruined the character forever or anything. It’s made 287 million domestic so it’s made back its production budget (225 million) with a small profit for the studios (global totals are well over that so they got some nice change out of this film). The sequel is coming and an SDCC announcement tells us its Supes vs. Bats. We’ll see how that goes.

World War Z-Was fan-f***ing-tastic. This has been out a while. If you were debating and thinking you would wait till it came out on DVD I would say suck it up and go see it in theaters. The performances were great, the journey had lots of great twists and turns and in the end this was a fun movie.  I know when my partner says she wants to add a movie to our home collection that is really good. This one got her seal of approval. Box office wise it got a domestic total of about 198 Million just barely surpassing its production budget of 190 Million.

Pacific Rim- This movie is taking a lot of flack. If you’re in to the super monster movie then I think you’ll enjoy it. Much of the acting is so-so and the story is just ok but it makes up for that with big action and totally imaginative monsters. If you’re excited for Godzilla to hit the big screen then see this movie. Domestically it only grossed 92 Million, well below its 190 million dollar production budget. Globally it made up for that but I would say a sequel for this film would be a poor investment. If you decide to see it make sure you stick around for a stinger. Also…..I love Ron Pearlman!

I hope to have some more movie reviews for you all soon! Also comic fans….whose reading Saga? I just read the first trade volume and I am hooked!


All the box offive totals are from Box Office Mojo!


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