Summer Movies So Far

25 May

If you’re like me that you are sort of obsessed with movies. By sort of I mean really. You probably are super pumped about this summer’s movies because there is a sci-fi nerds paradise of films, plus something for all you drama nerds (yes I mean Gatsby).

So far I have already seen 3 summer movies and I thought, here is something fun: I’ll write some brief reviews. No spoilers, I promise. 🙂

The first summer movie that I saw was Iron Man 3. The movie was pretty amazing. It is definitely a great follow-up to the Avengers and even though the twist wasn’t amazing, I still had a great time. Folks across the net are bitter about the twist which I don’t get. They had to do something unusual. Something to shock you. Whether you appreciate it or not they certainly got you talking didn’t they! In any case to me it’s no wonder that the film made such big money (353 million domestically according to Box Office Mojo).  I will definitely be buying it when it comes to DVD. Go see it.

The next movie that I saw was Great Gatsby. This movie had been heavily marketed. It’s Baz Luhrmann. It’s Leo DiCarprio. What could go wrong? unfortunately this movie was not a winner for me. While it was visually stunning the film felt very meh. There is something about adaptation that makes it very difficult. There are really only two possible outcomes: either it’s incredibly well made and is the threshold for which other adaptations of the book will be measured or it’s just another version to add to the pile. You can add this one to the pile. Leo does a great job looking longingly at the green light across the bay but there is nothing redeeming about the film. Nothing that the adaptation brings that I couldn’t get from reading the book and worse the book would be a faster read then the actual length of the film. As of right now this movie is hardly making its production budget back at 104 million dollars domestically at the box office according to box office mojo.

Finally, I saw Star Trek Into Darkness. Even though it didn’t do as well as hoped opening weekend I have to say that I loved this film. It is very difficult for me to walk into a film and just enjoy, turning off my ability to critique is liking asking a leopard to remove its spots, but this film just made me happy. From the moment that the theater darkened and the film opened I was in a state of bliss. This film also had quiet a few twists and all were welcome. I have to say some of the most enjoyable moments were listening to my fellow nerds geek out about some references. So far domestically the film has made 119 million according to Box office Mojo. It’s pretty delightful. See this one if you get a chance. You will I’m sure have heard about the gratuitous nudity of the film’s Alice Eve and yes it is gratuitous but that one moment didn’t kill the film for me. I hope it wont kill it for you.

Still on my list of films to see this summer: Fast & Furious 6, Hangover Part 3, After Earth, Now you see me, The Purge, Man of Steel, World War Z, White House Down, Byzantium, Lone Ranger, Pacific Rim, Red 2, R.I.P.D, The Wolverine, Europa Report, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Elysium, Kick Ass 2, Austenland,  and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

This is a pretty long list! What I actually see in theaters will probably depend a great deal on cash and time but I am very excited. What will you be seeing this summer?


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