Look at this morning

6 Feb

My first thought this morning when the alarm went off and I had resettled into the warmth of my comforter was how nice it would be to sleep another half-hour. My second thought was that I should be writing and my third that writing could wait. And it can. But it can’t.

I’ve never been great at the whole get up early and write thing. I couldn’t wake up early or someone beside me would wake up to or it just wasn’t a priority enough to force my hand. Well, my hand is being forced. This is usually where I write something that is meant to be inspiring about getting up and going to work. Something I hadn’t actually done but knew that people saw the value in. This time I’m going to show you what I do. Isn’t that a change 🙂

6:00AM Alarm goes off. I shut it off right away so as not to wake my partner. Then I lie in bed convincing myself to get out of bed. The conversation generally goes like this:

Good Me: Get up

Bad Me: You could lay here two more minutes. No big deal.

Good Me: If you don’t get up now then you won’t get up until the next alarm.

Bad Me: That’s not so bad. You can still get a lot of writing done that way!

Good Me: But not the amount you’re supposed to!

Bad Me: It’s just 30 Minutes.

Good Me: Get the hell up.

6:05AM Pee, turn the coffeemaker on and turn my computer on.  You notice I didn’t say make coffee. I’m not putting the coffee in the coffeemaker the morning of. Thats less time for writing. I set everything up the night before. If I forget or if I go to bed knowing its not done then I forfeit coffee until after my writing time. It’s reasonable for me.

6:08AM Open my writing program or current project or blog, turn on my timer and write. A few notes on this activity.

  • When I’m writing a script I use Celtx, it’s free, pretty easy to use and does the formatting for me. It has a cloud system which is great for me because I often want to add something I thought of while sitting at my desk in the office and with Celtx I can do it and update it then get right back to work.
  • I always turn a timer on. It really helps! If you just sit down at your computer with no clue how long you are going to work it is easy to say “well I worked ten minutes thats good enough for me” or “I’m really way too busy I can’t just sit here and write!” giving yourself a limit gives you something to shoot for and the knowledge that its only however long you spare. I do an hour but if the hour passes and I still feel like writing then I give myself more time. You’re not locked into only an hour but you are locked into at least. You can do it with whatever measure you want but do it.
  • I don’t just write. Sometimes I check my word count, or review research for the next section of the script or sometimes I pee. Thats ok. As long as the bulk of my hour is spent writing then I’m still doing good. It’s like meditation. You can’t just tell your brain “stop thinking!” things will come up. Ideas for a next story or script. You remember that book you want to read. These things happen. Give them 30 seconds, then get back to work.

7:08AM Give myself a break. Before I go back to writing or on with the rest of my day I give myself 15 minutes to do something (anything). Sometimes this is searching the web. Sometimes its reading an article. Sometimes its watching videos. Whatever it is I reward myself for getting up and writing before I get bogged down with the rest of the world.

7:23AM Get ready for work. The boring stuff begins 🙂

So this is my routine. It’s pretty simple but so far it works for me. What works for you? What does your routine look like?


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