What’s in a flame?

18 Jan

I said I wanted to find my fire, insert any musical song regarding purpose here, and I was serious.  Finding passion is a serious business. There are people who say it isn’t necessary for success and there are others who think it’s essential. Wherever you fall in the debate, this is the question most 20-somethings here when they start talking about building careers, “What are you passionate about?” or some other variation. So what does your flame look like? What’s your passion?

For me ,my passion is writing. I used to limit it considerably to poetry and blogging but I would say that these days my energy is spent elsewhere. I also have a passion for film and for helping people. These are each a part of my flame.

So what’s in a flame? And by that I mean what does passion or purpose look like and why do we use it as the guide for discovering our careers. Sure, I love to write but will that lead me to a lucrative and brilliant career? Possibly. It’s equally possible that no one will ever see the things I write and that even this blog is a pointless pursuit. Maybe.

Is that all there is to it though? I say I love to write and that’s all it takes to give me a profession? Not likely. There are things to learn, things to read and experiences to have before I can make a career out of writing. So what does passion really look like?

If you ask me, the flame/passion is a combination of the thing you love in a situation that makes you happy. Even if that happiness is only every other day its still better than nothing. How do you know when you’ve found it? When you can do the thing you love and your job and not feel eager to get out of either. The ideal career to me lets me write but also lets me have other tasks that may be related but aren’t necessarily writing.

I sound really certain of my answer but I have yet to discover what that career is and that leads me to my goal. What can I do that feeds me?

What does your flame look like? How do you define it?


2 Responses to “What’s in a flame?”

  1. gabrielablandy January 19, 2013 at 5:23 AM #

    I think passion is so important. I was looking at motivation in writing this week on my blog and I talked about the important of writing from a place inside you, that’s how to nurture the fire that keeps up going, I believe. As long as you keep contacting the place inside, the fire will keep burning. I think if our focus drifts away from us, our passions, and for example is influenced by images in magazines, then the fire goes out. Lovely post!

  2. fitness January 28, 2013 at 4:02 PM #

    wohh just what I was looking for, regards for putting up.

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