Put it down: 2013 Goals

14 Jan

As you may have seen recently, I’m going through something. In an effort to get out of my slump, I want to try to draw some magic to the new year. Let’s look back at my goals from 2012 that I actually accomplished:

  • Read 10 books for pleasure
  • Write 1 script

You’d think I would be down in the dumps about getting only 2 of 14 goals completed*. I’m not. Instead I’m looking forward to making new goals for this year.

2013 Goals:

  • Read 10 books for pleasure
  • Read 5 Academic/Educational books
  • Read and respond to 1 article a month (subject of my choice but preferably current events)
  • Rejuvenate Limited Edition Love. Blogging can be so much fun and it can also be such a headache. This year I want to find the perfect balance and stick with it.
  • Write 2 scripts and solicit feedback
  • Edit 2012 Script
  • Take 2 online courses (free preferably)
  • Meditate/yoga at least once a month

This year I’m down in total number of goals but I hope that each one will lead me to my ultimate 2013 goal which is to discover what makes my fire burn and what to do to keep the flame alive. Kind of a long sentiment but i like the fire imagery and while my old fiction professor at Macalester would say kill your darlings, I have a tendency to let them thrive.

What are your goals for 2013? Have you started on any of them?


*Want to know what all of my goals from last year were? Check it out here


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