Happy New Year!

10 Jan

It’s a New Year and new projects abound. Or they probably should. Or something.

For many people Decemeber brings a wonderful spirit and liveliness followed quickly by January which is a renewal. A chance to be reborn and remade. Most years I would be plotting out resolutions and trying to determine which goals are the highest priority. I would be writing a blog post about new opportunities. But I’m having the winter blues,  anyone else?

Creatively I’m in a hot zone. I’m almost done with a script and outlining another. I have an idea for a Reality TV show and I’m reading quite a bit(updating my current list here. Check it out) This should be a great time. Yet, I feel sluggish. My work productivity is low and I can’t find the energy to be around anyone but my partner. I’m becoming a tortoise.

What is it about the cold that awakens the hermit?

Or maybe the stories are true. Maybe writers thrive under solitude and loneliness. When I say thrive I mean that they are creative and produce written work. Because I think when we’re socially stationary our energies decrease, we become vegetables, active minds but nothing stirring physically.

I have another theory of course. A very personal hypothesis. I have a fear that all this writing will crash into a giant block of grief. What can you do to fight it? You can’t.


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