Yoga in the dark

15 Oct

Do you know those shoulds you often hear about? You should eat more vegetables, you should go to bed early or you should get up earlier? Well am becoming a hater of all things should. I’m tired of hearing about what I should do and I am nearly as tired of could. This morning though I decided to listen to something I have been feeling like I should be doing. My should? You should do yoga once a day.

You all know I started going back to yoga recently. My mind and body needed to reconnect and this is my favorite way to get them back together. I had been going once a week to a Saturday class at the Y that blows my mind. It’s wonderful but I have been wanting to try to add some additional practice in my week. My idea has always been to add a home practice and follow a video or podcast. It happened one night in the last three weeks.

This morning, I woke up early to discover my carpool buddy wasn’t leaving until significantly later in the morning. So instead of going back to sleep, I crept out of bed (didn’t want to wake my partner) and unrolled my yoga mat in the space in front of our bed. Because my partner and I are limited to our one room, I couldn’t turn on the light because I didn’t want her to wake up and start asking me for/about things.

So I did yoga in the dark.

Now this may not seem weird to some of you but for me this was a very strange experience. I have full length mirrors covering my closet so I had sorted of expected that when I began my home practice I would be able to look at my alignment but as you may imagine in the dark this was impossible. Instead I had to feel my way through each pose. Does this feel right? Is that a stretch or a pain? It was also great to really try to focus on my breath. I’m not sure if I was able to totally sync my movement and my breath but I was much more aware of being out of sync. It was such a great experience. For twenty minutes I let my mind try to stay attached to my breath and my body and not become distracted by the little things around me.

So I’m not going to say you should try yoga in the dark. I’m not even saying that you could. I’m saying what would happen if you did?


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