This body I built

1 Aug

I had occasion a few years ago to take pictures of myself nude* and as I look at them now it amazes me the way my body has changed. I think I’ve gained weight since I was in college  (when the photos were taken)  and I feel horrible about it. However, I’ve noticed that the dimples on my body (Yes I’m talking cellulite) have actually disappeared. I don’t mean to imply that all of them have, because they haven’t but still. It amazes me what the body can do and does do.

Since I graduated I have been up in weight, down in weight and then back up again. I’m not a fan of diets but I am a big calorie counter.  What works for me sometimes doesn’t work for me always. Yet this body has been a product of those choices. A product of my own design, sub-conscious though it may have been.

Let’s get candid. I’m over 200 lbs. My knees hurt a lot. My ankles hurt a lot. My breathing isn’t great and my flexibility is gone. Do you remember those carefree days when I was poppin‘ the splits on the dance floor? Gone now. Yet, I have no one to blame but myself. Because let’s face it folks, I brought myself here. It was a delicious run but when I look back at all the money that I spent and all the bad food that I had, I wonder…is it worth it?

The GF and I have decided to go on a juice cleanse. A body reboot based on Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a film by Joe Cross. We’re going to do it for 15 days starting today, August 1st. I am terrified. And I am excited.  I want to feel better and I want to redirect my body to crave things that are good for me. I don’t think a cleanse will fix my life but I would like to see what it will do for my body. Have you done a cleanse?  How did you feel about doing it?



*Not for sexual purposes. Just for documentation.


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