The Friend Zone

26 Jul

One of my new obsessions is trying to make friends. In particular, Queer, queer-friendly, women/womyn of color. This of course is not just my goal but my partner’s goal as well. In case you haven’t figured it out, she and I are both homebodies. We would much rather sit at home on the couch watching tv or reading than be out at a bar. We also tend to be shy when meeting new people, this is sometimes our downfall.

In either case this is my new business. So the question comes up, how do you meet people????? I feel like I’m back on the market but all I’m looking for is a friend. Preferably someone who is as goofy and odd as myself. I would love to meet a couple of Lesbians/Bisexuals of color who would love to go out with me and my love and have a great time. Or stay in and hang out! But this is the things that feels so weird and impossible about my community. We see each other but I feel* like I get looks but people don’t come up and try to make friends. Also, I don’t know if you know but I am terrible at meeting people. I’m horribly awkward and quiet. If you’ve met me you know this is funny because my personality can be so exaggerated and excited. I have been called a drama queen 🙂


I wish you could walk up to people and say ” Hey, I’m queer and you look queer and cool. Can we be friends?” without looking like a total weirdo. Is that so hard to ask?

How do you make friends and meet people?




*Everything here is my opinion. Nothing else


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