And I decided…

19 Jul

That I will write whatever the heck I want when I want.


I am trying to write a lesbian film. Something with a little action and a little romance. I will probably never finish it, let alone said it to anyone but I kind of think if I set a deadline for myself to try and get a script done by January, so I can film the movie for QWOCMAP that it would help me write. Not to mention that this would be a short film and just good for my energies. Thoughts? Have you written a script before? Have any advice? Post a comment please!


Also, I will be posting on the blog again. But I have no idea what the posts will be about. You never know what to expect. Things that are on my mind that you may see in the future : weddings, apartment searching, writing, poems, community, San Francisco, and health.

That all sounds super domestic doesn’t it? Damn. In Any case. Stuff is happening. Let me know what you think.




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