Tuesday Poem: The Old Fairy Tales have F***ed us up

10 Jan
She admires you
takes her cue from you licking your lips
understands that she is red riding hood
and you are just a poor hungry wolf to be fed
she is transfixed by you
affix’s photographs of you to her notebook
writes your name a thousand times and
the revision of her name with yours
She is thinking of you like she is sleeping beauty
you are all she dreams about
and if you would just stop by and kiss her back to life
she could be indebted to you forever
she would be yours to keep
or yours to cast aside
it isn’t important anymore
since you’ve convinced her that knights do not shine anymore
that they occasionally glisten
but very rarely do they live their lives by the old virtues
she takes from you that all good girls love
bad/good boys
the kind of boy who goes to church on Sunday
but only after washing off his sordid encounter from Saturday night
from you she takes that purity in its snow white form
is a woman’s duty only
forgets that she ever knew men who were deserving of true love

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