Friday Reflection: Submit!

6 Jan

So as you know, One of my goals for this year is to submit to at least 6 journals this year. To help myself with that goal I started searching for some places to submit. Some of them I have submitted to before and others are new. Here are the places that I want to submit this year (plus my usual commentary).

  • Torch: Poetry, prose and short stories by African American Women. Edited by Amanda Johnston.  I have submitted to Torch before and I will keep submitting to them because I respect the work they do. Torch features African American Women and gives emerging writers the opportunity to be seen while also showcasing the work of an established writer. It’s an online journal so it is easy to access and I appreciate that. So, I’m going to try again this year. Dates for Submission: April 15 through August 31.
  • So to Speak. Edited by Siwar Masannat. I only recently heard of this journal but I like what they offer as well. You maybe able to tell that I like journals that focus on women’s issues and feminist view points. This is the way I think of my work right now so I definitely appreciate journals who focus on this. Dates for Submission: January 1 through March 15 (Fall) and August 1 through October 15(Spring, reading fee $15)
  • Generations Literary Magazine. Edited by Kiala Givehand. This journal is edited by my good friend and I have talked about it plenty of times before. I really like the idea of the young and old, the established and the emerging and the different genres being in conversation with one another. I don’t assume I’ll be published just because I know the editor but it would be an honor to be featured in this new journal. Dates for Submission: The next dates have not been stated yet but I’m hoping to submit for issue four.
  • Lavendar Review. Edited by Mary Meriam. This a lesbian e-zine and I’ve been reading the issues and it seems really interesting. It is focused on lesbian work and work focused on lesbian issues. Dates for Submission: June 1, 2012(deadline)
  • The Postcard Press. Edited by Caitlin O’ Sullivan. I subscribed to this “journal” a few months ago. I love the concept behind getting a little post card of poetry each month and I have enjoyed receiving them. I’m a big fan of  small poems. I like haiku, the work of Lorine Niedecker and just short work. Thats why I love this concept so much. Dates of Submission: Submit by January 31, 2012: WONDER; Submit by March 31, 2012: LIES I ALMOST BELIEVE; Submit by May 31, 2012: MAGIC
  • 580 Split. Edited by Mills Graduate Students. Mills Colleges very own literary magazine. I’ve left the editor open because by the time I submit I won’t know who the editor is. Obviously it would be an honor to be published by my peers at my alma mater. I also really appreciate the fact that 580 Split has always been really  focused on the community that it comes from and I love that. Dates of Submission: Not sure yet. Probably Fall next year some time. 

Those are my 6 must submit ones. I want to submit more but I figure if I can do at least these 6 I can feel productive.  Do you have any must places to submit to? Or a journal that you want to read several issues of this year? Share!


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