Friday Reflection: Keep moving

25 Nov

Can you believe that I past the 100 post mark? It seems like only yesterday this was just a fledgling blog with inconsistant posts. Now, we have consistant fun, posts that I hope you all enjoy. As you know I have been trying to write a poem a day for this month. While I haven’t always stuck to my constraint (140 characters) I have written quite a bit. It’s amazing to me what telling yourself to sit down and just write something can do. Somedays I wrote stuff that I hated. Other days, I was so happy with the work I was beaming all day. In either case I was always happier when I took the time to write than when I didn’t, although I think you could have guessed that would be the case. For those doing NaNoWriMo, how has it been? How do you feel now that you are wrapping up?

I’m also coming into my own in a lot of ways. I am trying to put on a poetry slam and workshop series at my job and I’m working with my kids very well. The one place I still feel like my footing isn’t completely stable is Y&G, but from what everyone keeps telling me, thats just the way the first year is. I feel pretty good about where I am but still hazy on where I’m going. My boss keeps reminding me that its not instant gratification. Things come with time, all you have to do is keep positively moving forward and you’ll get to where you need to be. Thats what I’m trying to keep in mind.

It’s december all ready folks! Next Months reflection will be about my goals for the year and how I have(or haven’t) accomplished them. Looking forward to the end of this year and hopefully to an awesome next year!


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