Tuesday Poem: Sex & the Global Citizen (unfinished)

1 Nov

AN object of frustration

she calls it a search for the inevitable

humanity in us all

Key calls it a bullshit excuse

to fuck half the country

he’s never seen the value of getting to know people

in getting to see them as they are

he believes his mother is a woman with low

enough self-esteem to think that sex

is the key to global citizenship

she got it from the sixties

living and breathing love that could be worthy of peace

a peace that can be made of flesh

when he was born he thought it was a game

Mommy is making love with anyone she can

to make the world a better place

but at eleven he realized

sex is just sex even when its with someone exotic

and this was the word his mother used

exotic erotic

she discussed with him the nature of the phallus

and how certain ethnic groups maintained certain

grooming habits

and he had to investigate for himself

at twelve he learned that African men

really do wear their hair natural,

what he claims as a reminder of the bush

and that cock size may have a link to continental local

while he picked up on his mothers

scientific  method he resisted her hypothesis

for twenty years he couldn’t

understand the difference between

hippie sex and what it means to help countries

from his local

at thirty-two he met Ash

a twenty-year-old Hmong refugee

who  did lectures on sex trafficking

and the commodification of bodies

what should have been a one-night stand

turned into a night of revelation

he began to understand where the idea

of flesh for peace came from

and when it became bastardized

and why he is a bastard

Ash expanded the space within his ears

crafted universes in the crevice of his collarbones


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