Tuesday Poems: On dicussing the “For Colored Girls” Film with her family

18 Oct

On Discussing the “For Colored Girls” Film with Her Family


She refuses to let a man say

his presence is more valuable than hers

believes in the beauty women make

on the impression without a man

beside them to build on stereotypes

She will not accept

that it is necessary to see the ominous face

to feel the fear

she cites horror films

cites feeling

is waved off as an artist

who is meta enough to “get it”

but doesn’t understand the “ordinary person”

she is led to believe that she should lower

expectations because everyone else is

ans so why shouldn’t she?

She does not apologize for intellect

for studied opinion

and instead begins to feel ambushed

as though the landmine was placed before her

just as she was blindfolded

she does not believe

that seeing a world en pointe without

seeing the fall is depreciated in value

that popular opinion necessitates balance

she has no fear

no feeling of indignation

only rage at being shamed


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