Friday Reflection: Creativity & Friends are a must 10/14/2011

14 Oct

It has been a long week! Very long! This week I worked both jobs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today as well. Those were long days. Add to that, my new private tutoring gigs and it adds up to a busy week. Don’t get me wrong, its great experience and I am happy to have such diverse work. However, I also started working out again and got my period so my body is ready for a break. I’m looking forward to Sunday when I plan to cook, eat and relax.

You may have noticed I haven’t talked about poetry much in a while. I haven’t had a lot of extra time and I haven’t made any extra time for it. This week though I wrote a piece of a screen play and a poem. It feels so rejuvenating to write. Even if its nonsense and it isn’t going well. I have been craving writing essays, editing my writing, poetry, poetry readings and people. So, in the hopes that having a concrete deadline will inspire me, I want to post a poem a week. I’m planning to upload them on Tuesdays. All of them will be unedited, all of them will be untitled and hopefully with a littlework all of them will be publishable for real.

The second issue of  Generations literary Magazine is out and my friend sent me a copy. It’s a beautiful issue and features some really interesting writers. Mostly, it made me miss my poetry friends. I feel like I’m on a desert island. I need to see people. I love hanging out with the SO  but even she was thinking we need to start making more friends and being more active. Nothing I can really do about this one except get out in the world. And that is hard! I live in the remote part of the world and with my schedule, hooking up with my friends is next to impossible. But I’m going to try.


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