27 Sep

Patience is a virtue I have never possessed enough of. You might think that a girl who has trouble communicating her wants and needs would have no trouble being patient. You would be wrong. I’m a Millenial. Instant gratification is my life blood and it is never good enough to know what I want is just around the corner.

There is a lot of waiting in my life right now. Waiting for the next deadline for TFA (I did my phone interview today. Wish me luck!). Waiting to see if things improve at my job. Waiting till my next paycheck. Waiting. Its a little hard to take. I am trying to cultivate paitence in the hopes that it will someday reap happines but its difficult.

How do you gain patience? How do you handle waiting?

I read Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s all the small stuff a few weeks ago and it helped for a while. Perhaps I should reread it and get some more tips. I wish it was easier to be patient but I suppose then it wouldn’t be a virtue because everyone would have it.

This is sort of a lame Tuesday post but bare with me. Next week I’ll have something interesting for you.


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