Reflection of the week: Keep your head up…

23 Sep

Such a great week! Monday I worked with one of the students on History.  I have to learn how to help students get on track and then try to help others or create a group where folks can work together and try to push the tutorial model into the FOS class. I think the other thing I need to know is where the FOS class comes from. The goals for AVID and tutorial are clear, FOS not so much.

Tuesday I worked with another student on Spanish. The thing about my Spanish is it’s a mix of Spanish-Japanese-English.  It’s horrible. Fortunately for me she is in Spanish 1 and I can basically BS that to death.  Another student needed help on an autobiographical story that she had written which was fun. It really put those workshop skills to good use.  Again, I think if I knew what my role was supposed to be in that class it would make my life easier.

I was late for first period on Wednesday and I need to map out my time in the AM better. I’m just pretty tired from being sick this week and I think I wanted to sleep in a little. Hopefully next week it will be better.

The inevitable happen on Thursday. My crazy schedule changes and running across town to get to all of my appointments has caused me to be ill. I had to take the day off because I had a fever.  It was a nice, restful day and I found out that I am moving on to the phone interview for the 2012 TFA Corps!

Friday was a good day too. The kids were on a special schedule so they didn’t get much work done but it was still a good day over all.

Still dealing with my feelings about both of my jobs. As you can tell, I love AVID. It’s amazing, which is exactly what you feel when you first start working somewhere new. I’m trying to be reasonable about what I’m feeling but that’s hard. My other job keeps hounding me. I want to be dedicated and hard working but its hard when you feel like you are being pushed out. It doesn’t make me want to work hard. At all. It makes me want to give exactly what I’m getting. Trying not to take that role.  I had a conversation with my boss about it but I don’t know if that helps or hurts?

In other news, I’ve been writing poetry!  Yes, I know, it’s unbelievable. I think working with the students and getting to know them is rebuilding my desire to work hard. Hopefully it keeps up.


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