Reflection of the Week: You can’t do everything

20 Sep

Note**Why reflect on a Tuesday you might ask? Because I said so. Actually because this is just the best time for me to write this post. In the future I hope to have great posts for you Friday or Saturday, to wrap up the week. Please let me know what you think of these reflections, if they totaly don’t work I’m willing to change. So far they are just helpful for me. ***

It’s my first full week of balancing the Y, Youth & Government, AVID and life’s general ups and downs. I started the week with shoulder pain and exhaustion and now here I am at Saturday, still with shoulder pain and with even more exhaustion. It amazes me how much people try to push and themselves and how often that isn’t possible.

What I learned about working with Youth: Often you have to be a little more outgoing then you’re used to. I have to g up to a lot of the kids in my AVID class and ask them if they need help because otherwise, they won’t ask. Not because they don’t need help but because sometimes they get so bogged down in not wanting to work/being social and being scared of what they have t do that they forget they have the help available. One thing to work on: Not feeling responsible for classroom management. If I can help someone awesome. But they pay the teachers the big bucks to manage bad behavior and they pay me to help them work. This is going to be hard from me because I’m an instinctually bossy person but until I start teaching I think it will be more valuable to watch what the pros do the to test my own techniques. Observing the different teachers is definitely informing my thoughts.

What I learned about People: People will always do as the please, no matter what they claim. At one of my places of employment I’m dealing with a supervisor who says one thing and does another and while its frustrating me to no end and making me want to leave desperately it’s also making me realize that people can be shady and you have to take people by their actions and not by what they say. One thing to work on: Communicating when something is not working. I’ve been complaining about my issues for weeks but I haven’t gone to the source of the problem. I know that having a conversation with this supervisor may not help the situation. It may make things worse but at least at the end of the day I will be able to say that I spoke my mind. I just I hopeI don’t speak my mind to the point of being fired.

What I learned about life: You can’t do everything you want. I had been planning to volunteer for this small amazing nonprofit in East Palo Alto called 10 Books A Home. Unfortunately, I realized that with everything I have going on, that simply isn’t possible right now. I don’t know if you know me in real life but I hate quitting. I despise it. It makes me feel like a loser, so I have been known to take on way to much just to avoid having to say I quit something. What I realized this week is, everything suffers when I do this because I feel like crap because I’m exhausted. One thing to work on:  You can’t do everything you want but you can do something! I’m so glad I added AVID to my plate. It’s an amazing experience. Even though I feel a little weird about my role and I’m still learning about the kids I feel so excited to be at work. I hope that this enthusiasm keeps up but thus far I am totally happy with this part of my life.

Epiphany of the week: Exercise is good for you! I went to a Zumba class on Sunday taught by a friend of mine. It was amazing and I was so ecstatic afterward that I almost couldn’t breathe. I forget how much the body loves exercise. But I’m glad I realized it! 

This is my first reflection but as I said in my note I hope it will become a regular thing. Please let me know what you thing!


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