Testing testing one two three

16 Aug

So I’m going back to school. Soon. I’m going to take a class at foothill on the U.S. Constitution and I will be taking the GRE, CBEST and CSET tests in order to prepare for teacher credentialing programs. Yes, I said teacher. How does someone who envisions herself as an intellectual phony decide she is going to walk into a classroom and teach? When that someone thinks that someone should have stopped her from moving forward. Instead, they should have held her back, given her a personal goal and helped her achieve it. Don’t get me wrong, I know that schools are overcrowded and dealing with many more issues than can be solved by one more teacher. But I also know that unfortunately, there are not enough qualified teachers in the classroom and lets face it that has to change. I would like to be a part of changing it.

I said all that to say, I hate tests. They are my kryptonite. I have never been a great test taker and when I was in school previously I succeeded by studying long hours many different ways. However, Standardized tests are the hardest to take. You never know what will be on them exactly, they take a lot of time and honestly they aren’t built for student success. So I’m asking, what are your tips for taking standardized tests? And what suggestions do you have for someone becoming a teacher? Can’t want to hear your thoughts!


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