The Education Itch

2 Aug

I’ve been in some sort of organized education based program since I was 4 years old. Thats almost exactly 20 years. I went to elementry, middle, and high school here in California and in fact I now live just down the road from where I went to school. Right after I graduated high school I was off to college in Minnesota. While many of my peers were unable their degrees in four years, in fact many of them are still working on their BAs, I finished mine in four years and immediately enrolled in a masters program back in California. Now here I am after 20 YEARS as a scholar/student/academic with no educational plans in sight. Have you faced this yet?

When I graduated from Mills, I felt like I needed a break. Like I was ready to not have homework, a commute and hours in the classroom. Now I’m not so sure. It’s almost August, the stores are starting their back-to-school sales and I feel itchy. Not have a rash itchy but need to be in school itchy. I look around and feel anxious and like there is so much I do not know. Will more years in school make me smarter? Or is this now the time to get out there and just gain some experience? I imagine the latter is more important right now but its hard to gain experience when no one hires the inexperienced. I definitely think that for me school is a comfort zone.  Learning is an amazing experience in which expectations are just that you try and figure things out but not necessarily that you understand them completely. Or at least when you study the humanities thats the case. No right answer, only conviction in your beliefs. I’ve said before that I feel like I didn’t learn enough while I was in school, so does that mean the answer is to go back? Or am I just looking for an excuse?

Where are you in your educational experience? Have you considered where you will go next?

This is also making me think about children and education. Recently, me and the S.O. have been tutoring my niece and nephew and it’s amazing to me how at 4 and 6 their feelings on education are so different. For my nephew its the worst thing in the world to have to sit down and go over his letters and reading. My S.O. is great with him and she makes the experience as fun as possible for him but its like pulling teeth. He’s the 6 year old. My 4 year old niece on the other hand enjoys learning. She and I sit down and read together, we go over her reading comprehension. We do art projects. She makes me wish I was a teacher. She has her moments too sometimes but she is smart and wants to know more. In twenty years will she be in my place thinking about her PH.D? Or will her glee for learning disapate a long the way? How do we inspire our children to love their education and want to know more?

Things to contemplate.


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