Why I love writing

19 Jul

In the first grade, when letters strung together to make words were still new to us, the students in my class began small book projects. We each were able to write, type, and bind our own short story (about three pages with five words per page). This is where my love of writing began. Sitting down to write my nonsensical story about a girl and her best friend I felt alive with possibility. I decided then I wanted to be a writer. I was about six at the time so the idea didn’t last long but telling stories and writing poems did. For me my stories were an outlet for repressed issues, a world that I had ultimate control over and a deeply rooted friend. The characters in my stories were cool and collected. They adored me and I adored them.  We were bosom friends like Anne and Diana in the Anne of Green Gables novels. When I was young writing helped me pass the time and also let me escape. In high school, writing was my downtime activity, what I did while I listened to lectures in class or instead of listening in church. I wrote stories about far off places and I lived out my fantasies on the page.

What I love about writing isn’t just that it allowed me to communicate when I felt I didn’t have a voice or that it gave me an excuse to keep my head down. What I love about writing is that it kept me on the straight and narrow. I was too busy thinking about my next story to be involved with drugs or trying too hard to be popular. Writing for me was a space where I felt at home, it was my temple and I honored it with words. Why do you care that I love it? What I want to say is because I’m that important but in actuality I think you should care because writing or any other creative art is a great way to help children feel better about themselves and learn to express themselves well.


Why do you care about writing? What does it mean to you?


One Response to “Why I love writing”

  1. magnifique100 September 29, 2011 at 10:08 AM #

    Thanks for sharing this post. I love to write too! 🙂 It’s a good way to get some mental stimulation and also get my creative juices flowing!

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