Being Rude on Television: What’s appropriate?

1 Jul


What do you think of the Mark Halperin “Obama is a Dick” comment? Was he just using his first amendment rights or was this going too far? What happens when the media goes to far or when we begin to forget what it means to respect each other? Of all the things for the man to say, why this? Despite his apologies Halperin has been suspended from MSNBC, and is that right? Would love to hear your thoughts.


Personally, I think the man is welcome to his opinion but there is a time and a place for everything and live on an MSNBC broadcast is neither the time nor the place to speak so…rudely. As the other gentlemen on the broadcast stated, they agreed with the sentiment but not the language. I disagree with the sentiment and really wish Halperin had been able to conduct himself like a professional. He didn’t like the speech? Fine, but you are a professional pundit, speak like one. What are your thoughts?



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