Thursday Treat: Links I’m Lovin’ 6/23/2011

23 Jun

Here are your links everybody. This has been a week of education for me as well as a little nerve wracking. If hadn’t been for some of these awesome links I probably would have been consumed by it. Instead, I learned a bunch of interesting fun facts.



  • Keanu Reeves, as in Whoa???,  has written a book. Of poems. I think we’re all saying whoa?????! Thanks Harriet the blog for the link.
  • Wondering about production and small presses? Check out Harriet the blog. Another interesting article.
  • Have you read Infidel or heard of author and intellectual Ayaan Hirsi Ali? No? Well you should check her and this book out. I’ve been meaning to read it for a few years and I’m glad Akhila Kolisetty, Justice for All,  brought the book back to my attention.
  • Ever wonder about whether or not great authors got along or whether they were like a bunch of sorority girls? Well Flavorwire has a list of the thirty biggest literary brawls.
  • Are you trying to build an online presense as a writer? Try watching this video from youtube. 
Those are your links guys. Enjoy them! I hope you have a great weekend and I may have something special for you tomorrow 😉

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