22 Jun

It’s become my favorite topic, how do you keep up with all the work you have? For me that’s writing, my job, my goals and trying to have a social life. For you that might be taking care of your family, work, alone time and for someone else it may just be getting done. As a student, it was easy for me to find ways to get my work done. There was always a concrete deadline. Always a built-in Calendar. Now, even though I’ve only been out of school for a little while it’s becoming clear to me how valuable these dates and deadlines are. When you have to create your own deadlines it is, to put it simply, hard. So to make it easier I’ve been looking for some great ways to manage my time, and I have a few for you. Also, my favorite form of procrastination: looking for ways to be productive.

I’m a list gal. You should probably be able to tell that from this blog. I carry a note pad for notes/lists, I have post-its on my computer, in my car and I use them at work. But, I’m trying to reduce my paper usage. I want to try to green up my process. So that’s where I started.  The list is not in any particular order. I hope no one takes it as an assault on their way of being productive. In fact, I would love to hear what you use. Let me know!

  • Thinkery: What I love about this is that it really is like what you really can just kind of save your thought process someplace, so that when you are ready to sit down and organize you have everything you’ve looked at and wanted to come back to together in one place. If you’re smart you tag it so that everything related to one idea is together. It actually helped to put this blog entry together and I hope it will help me with the next one. You can say links, video, web pages or pieces of web pages. Its great! Oh and its free, best possible price.
  • Wunderlist: Another free site with lots of apps and extensions for your other devices. This is probably what you think it is, a to do list site/app that helps you create different items (lists) so if you are working on multiple projects its easy to section everything off. For instance, I am planning a slam with my partner, have day-to-day items to get done and like to have a list of all my bills that are due for the month in one place so I can make sure I’ve paid them all. Wunderlist lets me have a list of everything I have to do for the slam a different list for bills and so on. You can add due dates and personalize the background. Its cute and sharable.
  • Producteev: This site is another to do list site. It syncs with google tasks and is similar to Wunderlist. I think this site is great if you are using it for work or working with more than one other person. It creates a great workspace where you can assign tasks to different people, prioritize items and assign deadlines. There is a fee for this site but they offer a free trial
  • Podio: This is another great group site. I haven’t tried it yet but I love the concept a lot. Similar to Producteev it lets you share workspace which might be helpful if you are doing a lot of telecommuting. I hope I get the opportunity to try it soon but it definitely takes more than one person. This site is free if you have a small office and then gets bigger with the more space you require.
  • Taskforce: Taskforce connects to your email and lets you convert your emails into tasks. I’m sure you’ve had it happen before, you get an important email from your boss with a ton of tasks that you need to complete and you need an easy way to write them down. Taskforce is kind of cool. I’ve had it a day so I can give you more feedback later if you like. Check it out. Its free!
Ok, that’s it folks. Awesome ways for you to be productive. Try them, see what works! It can’t hurt….

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