Six Months and…

7 Jun

I’m still working on just the day to day. June marks six months into the year and its time to see where I am in terms of my goal. After all the only way to know what is a priority is to reassess every so often. If you don’t remember here is the link to my goals.

Where I am:

  1. I didn’t finish An Object Of Beauty. It was too much like an art history text book with way too much detail. I was bored. So I’ve been trying to start something new but it isn’t working. I’m in the middle of a job search at the moment and its crowding out everything else at the moment. So I am still at 4 books for pleasure for the year.
  2. Two new poems a week? Yeah right. I’m way behind on that. I’m lucky if I manage two poems a month.
  3. Submit at least twice a month. I did really well on this, until May and June. I hope to get back on track with this soon. But all is not in vain. I have an upcoming publication with the Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review. I will let you know when its up. Look forward to it!
  4. Engage in more literary discussions. Ha! Not happening.
  5. Attend one non-mills reading a month. Mmmmm nope.
  6. I’m not really networking at all. This is a skill I want to build on.
  7. I am still self-editing
  8. I have been editing. Which is great!
  9. Uh yeah. Sorta.
  10. Blog consistently. I have been! Yay, its awesome to be blogging fairly regularly.
So out of ten items I have actively working on four. Which actually isn’t horrible. Not amazing but not horrible.
Here is a list of projects I want to work on:
  • The networking thing. I did actually go to a reading and get contact info for a local poet which is going to be helpful for my next project. I want to meet more arts organizers and also non-profit professionals so I need to get out to more events.
  • Starting a peninsula youth slam.
  • Starting a non-profit

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