Thursday Treat: Links I’m lovin’

26 May

It’s been a great week! I read at the MFA Mixer in SF on Monday and had a fantastic time. Then I went to an amazing reading featuring Sierra Demulder. I have a ton of links this week, so lets get started.

  1. It was great to hear the work of my peers from the local MFA programs as well as Paul Ocampo from ASU. If you are in the bay area, in an MFA program or thinking about going to one check out this series. It’s run by a local Mills Grad and will be going on through the summer.
  2. SO you know I was excited to see Sierra and I even told you a little bit about the event in my recent blog post. For just a second though I want to hype the series itself. It’s just getting started this was its debut evening and I have to say I am so excited to see more from the Seeing Eye Bird Showcase. You all know I’ve been struggling with my relationship to the south bay/peninsula as a place of artistic expression and I hope this series leads me to a ton more!
  3. I don’t know if you read Harriet the Blog, its from the Poetry Foundation. You know, those guys that do Poetry Magazine? Yeah, them. I just recently started reading the blog myself and I thought this post was really funny because it seemed so behind the times. Uh duh Poetry foundation, who isn’t using Duotrope yet? Even if you don’t use the whole system, most writers have heard of the website. Get on your game man.
  4. Have you ever written something and been concerned that the government is probably going to start following you because of it? Or checked out something from the library and been sure someone is going to start watching you now? Well you maybe right. Be careful what you write. This kid from LSU sure will be from now on.
  5. You know I’ve been trying out this new thing where I get up and write in the morning? Well I’m not the only one who is struggling with it. check out the 5×5 Lit Mag blog for one of their editors take on finding the time to write.
  6. If you have any question about whether online journals are as good as print journals check out this interview.
  7. Also from Bark, interesting post on taking challenges in order to increase productivity.
Look at all those links!!!! You have plenty to read, check out, discover and fall in love with. Have a great week!

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