A Day Late: Links I’m Lovin’

13 May

It’s been a long two weeks and I’m totally out of it. So I didn’t get to either of my two entries for this week. Someone will smack my hand later. I promise. But I won’t remind you of it or berate myself about it. Instead I’ll give you awesome links to check out over the weekend. If you’re graduating this weekend like I am, Congrats!!!!!!! If not, just have a great time!

  1. HTMLGIANT’s Christopher Higgs gives some brief reviews of a couple of books. If you’re getting more free time like me, check out these options.
  2. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve started the summer movie season. But I bet you’re wondering what movie to see this year. While I will be seeing all of the comic book related action films, check out Poets On Film. Hannah and Mark write really charming, funny reviews. While I don’t always agree with their reviews I do enjoy reading them.
  3. You know how I feel about submissions. You should also know that I am always looking for ways to improve my submissions. This totally awesome article by Karyna McGlynn on the Gulf Coast Blog is awesome for improving the grind of subs. Check it out to give your subs some new flavor.

These are your links… Now go forth and be writerly.


One Response to “A Day Late: Links I’m Lovin’”

  1. toasty redhead May 13, 2011 at 10:54 PM #

    Right on!

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