Thursday Treat: Links I’m Lovin’

5 May

So it’s been a good week. Last class of my graduate career. Turned in my place for writers keys. I’m basically a done deal. And I’ve been to a real brick-and-mortar bookstore…I feel awesome. And so I have some awesome links for you…. Enjoy!

  1. I think I’ve read articles from this site before or at least read articles with it linked to it but I’ve never taken a good look into The Review Review until this past weekend. Man, this site is awesome. Becky Tuch started it as an effort to help writers find the literary magazines they should be reading based on their interest. Lots of journals, new and fledgling, get reviewed in the hope that some one like me will read the review, realize that it sounds perfect for me and then go and read an actual issue myself because of it. After I’ve had a strong read of it I might then submit my work. Beyond the reviews they also have interviews with editors and tips for writers. It’s really comprehensive, interesting and valuable. How many times have I complained that I don’t have enough time to read every journal I’ve considered submitting to. Becky is really saving my bacon with this one.
  2. I was going through my google reader backlog, and I have lots of it because I just can’t seem to make the time to read through my favorite sites and then the entries add up, when I came across this little piece of heaven that HTMLGIANT linked to. It’s pretty cute. If you don’t like cats, you won’t like Writers and Kitties.
  3. Like I said I was in a real bookstore this past weekend, Pegasus Books on Shattuck to be exact. I love this bookstore because of the variety of books that it has. Even though it didn’t have Lizzie Acker‘s new book Monster Party (it was published end of 2010 so I’m still calling it new) I did come across a comic by Susie Cagle called Notes on Conflict. It was really engaging and really funny. My SO loves falafel and appreciated the israeli falafel shout out.  Susie’s artistic style is very nice, easy to see and as I said funny and charming. Check out her awesome website or check out this really awesome Event guide for the Bay area that she did the art for. Either way you are in for a good time.
All right. Lots of links. Lots of love. Two weeks in a row….How crazy is that???? Let me know what links you are into right now.

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