Thursday Treat: Links I’m Loving

28 Apr

So I’m going to try and make this a regular Thursday thing. I figure with all the free time I have coming up it will be easy enough for me to 1. Search the Web for random writer stuff and 2. Blog more. I’ll get to those new years resolutions eventually.

Basically what I want to do here is just let you know what I’ve been seeing around the internet that is cool/funny/helpful etc. I love lists so this is going to be fun for me.

  1. Hate rejections? Who doesn’t? This latest goldmine find is all about making those rejections just a little bit more bareable: Literary Rejections On Display
  2. Now it should be said that I don’t find out about my poetry events via word of mouth (mostly. Thanks place for writers staff for keeping me abreast of bay events!) so instead I use two awesome sites. And if you don’t know, now you know. Poetry Flash and  Shampoo Events Blog

It’s my plan not to bog you down so I think those four links should be enough to soothe you for the week. Look for this wonderful Thursday Treat next week!


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