The month that never happened…

26 Apr

You probably thought I wasn’t going to mention it. That the whole month was going to slide by and I was going to just gloss over it.  You are probably wondering what exactly “it” is. Well you were very nearly right…but I’m going to say Happy National Poetry Month and Happy completion of the Thesis.

This month is pretty big and bold. National poetry month, turned in my thesis, last full month of classes, a bunch of birthdays and not to mention that this particular April marks the end of my school days. Maybe thats why this year especially I’m hard pressed to be responsible for anything. I feel very ambigtuous about everything at the moment.  I turned in my thesis last thursday and had a great day with the signifgant other but in terms of the accomplishment I feel sort of anticlimatic. Everyone says I should take a moment and acknowledge the hardwork that went into this project and into this degree but I don’t feel like it was that amazing.  In the thick of it I was stressed out, complaining and generally unpleasant to be around. But at the moment I feel very much like I could have done it with my eyes closed. Maybe thats just this pessimistic path I’m on.

At any rate it’s national poetry month and I feel very flaky about that too, although that isn’t a new sense for me.  NPM has never really been a big deal for me, in fact I think my first actual exposure to it was in my senior year of college and even then I didn’t write a poem a day although I did attend lots of fun readings. This year I skipped out on the poet life for most of this month. I didn’t really dig back into it until Easter Sunday when I finally sat down and sent out some of my work. This week I sent out work to two places. Next week I hope to start May off with a bang and submit to two places as well. Maybe the last month of my being a true student is the beginning of my being a true professional poet.

What are you doing for National Poetry Month? Are you off at readings or writing everyday or something? What does this month add for you?


One Response to “The month that never happened…”

  1. business daily May 10, 2011 at 5:02 PM #

    …………..Have you been reading any poetry this month to celebrate National Poetry Month? Does anyone else feel this way?.I try to make poetry part of my reading throughout the year so when April rolls around I just dont feel like jumping on the bandwagon.

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