Reading Series

28 Mar

So, I currently “curate” the Works In Progress series at Mills. Curate is in quotation marks because there really isn’t too much curating to it. In any case, I love doing it and hosting events is one of my favorite things to do. The thought has often come to me that post-mills I could start a south bay reading series…but who would come to it? Not to hate on the south bay but let’s face it the literary community has made its home in the biggies…SF, O-Town and Bizerkley. Are the people who frequent events in these major metropoli going to come down to say Palo Alto or Mountain View or San Jose even? Doubtful. truly doubtful. There is then the thought of doing a series in one of these other areas. But will I then become just another “mills alum reading series” meant to either fail or thrive via the Mills Network. I’m not the best networker and while I can certainly admit that, I would hate to see the proof of it in a failure of my first reading series.

Currently Mills Poets get the opportunity with meet with Poet community in the area via the Place For Writers Poetry professional development. I’m hoping that my poet, who curates the Studio One reading series, will have some insights on the matter. In the meantime I continue to dwell on not being a student any more. Gosh.


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