Money money money

10 Feb

My new obsession of the moment is my money. Every year around this time I get obsessed with how much I’m spending, how much I’ll owe on my student loans and when all of this spending I’ve been doing is going to catch up with me. For the first time in a long time I’m really thinking about working with a budget and this is probably a good time considering that I’m about to graduate and for my undergraduate loans the grace periods have passed.

I’ve also been thinking about money and poetry. I know what you’re thinking…what money? My point exactly. If I ever want to be able to give up working for a little bit and commit myself to writing than I have to know what I’m spending. So this week I’ve got all of my new money obsession tools for you. Most of them aren’t literary in nature but they might be fun and helpful for you as person as well as a writer.

  1.– This wonderful sight tracks your spending habits and suggests a budget for you based on that. You can adjust it as you see fit but this has been a great start for me. Not only does it allow you to track spending but you can look at your net worth and it gives you ways to save money and goal management stuff as well. Try it out!
  2. CNBC– I’ve been watching the Suze Orman Show via podcast from Itunes. Its really great. Plus I caught an episode of Til debt do us part and I really enjoyed that show as well. I watched it with a friend and we discussed the sort of financial partnerships we’d like to have in the future. It was great.
  3. Speaking of Suze Orman: Young, Faboulous and Broke  . This book is a few years old now and so some times I wonder if its entirely relevant but its at least got me thinking and that’s important.
  4. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips For a Richer Life. Did you know I love podcasts? Well I do and I’m enjoying Laura Adams podcast. I don’t always agree with what she says ( I prefer to go with Suze’s advice) but I think she’s great about breaking things down to a basic level without making you feel dumb.

Just four little things that are helping me with my money. What’s helping you?


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