So it’s 2011….

12 Jan

And I clearly need some resolutions/goals for this year. I have quite a few writerly ones and a few personal ones as well. We’re well into the month so I’ll let you know how things are going with each one in parentheses.

  1. Read 20 purely for pleasure books. (I didn’t specify a genre for a reason. I’m working on my first book of the year right now, Black Life by Dorothea Lasky. I saw it everywhere last year so I decided to get it from my local library. Love Link+!)
  2. Write at least two new poems a week (so far so good. Though my goal of having 50 new poems by 1/19 may have something to do with that)
  3. Submit at least twice a month. (I was doing pretty well there for a minute but then the stress of school and thesis got to me so I set a more reasonable goal than the twice a week I was working toward last year)
  4. Engage in more lit discussion. (I decided this can be virtual or brick and mortar. Basically I need to reply to more blogs and try to engage more with my community. After all, pretty soon I’ll be a real person with no school prospects)
  5. Attend one non-mills reading a month (Again, trying to engage with my community here. I think I’m going to epic fail for January because there are not a lot of readings going on and I work the days that there are some. Here is what I’m using as my guide.)
  6. To network more with writers (Plain and simple. Failing so far on this one too)
  7. Write without self editing (Easier said than done. So far I haven’t been doing too bad but still not totally achieved)
  8. To edit before I submit. ( Go back to this little entry for my thoughts on revision. I did submit once this month so that’s good. I can’t remember if I edited it well so that’s bad )
  9. Edit edit edit edit edit edit edit (yeah…I know just do it)
  10. Blog consistently ( I’ll really try kids.)

I thought about posting my personal goals but decided against it. So far 2011 has been a pretty good year for me as a writer and as a person. I hope to keep up the work. I still have 31 poems left to go before the 19th. I’m getting nervous about it. My writing group is trying to write 35 poems before the 19th, if I go by that goal I only have 16 poems left but I really hope to get all 50 of my poems done before then. I figure I’m over writing anyway so if they are bad I can edit them to be good or toss them. No  biggie.

Next blog I hope to have up for next week. Something about the business of being a poet or something. I have a few ideas I’m thinking about in terms of writing goals and so I may do some writing on those. I hope that if you’re reading you’ll comment and I would love suggestions on what to write.

Back to the grind I go…


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