Grown up Gratitudes and the things I’m not so grateful for….

12 Oct

This post is borrowed from my girl Yo Cellie. Well she didn’t have the ungrateful but I did say I was going to selfishly vent about all the work I have to do so tough noogies. We’ll start with the stuff I’m not happy about and end on a positive note.

The Baddies:

  1. Midterms- Yuck! I have 3 papers due next week along with the Book of Margery Kempe and Emma
  2. Break ups- Even when you are the one doing them they suck. Which maybe this isn’t true for everyone but I have a lot of empathy and so it is for me
  3. No washing machine at home- I know…so trivial but I hate going to the laundromat or to my grandmother’s house. Just do
  4. People with bad work ethics. This is a pet peeve of mine and I’ve been experiencing a lot of it at work. I must be the only sucker who puts a ton of energy into her job.
  5. People who forget that you have stuff to do to. So pisses me off


Let’s leave off the Negative for now. Here is what I’m grateful for

  1. My own space which has the rules I place upon it
  2. Extracurricular activities- Despite the fact that they add to my stress level I am so grateful for the Place for Writers, SPD and Generations.
  3. Realizing that even if I never lose any weight I’m still beautiful. I had an epiphany the other night. I fit a size 12 jeans. That’s a little less than average for american women (who generally wear btw 14-16) and almost on par with Plus-size models (They usually wear btw 10-12). I have nothing to worry about
  4. Realizing that what I really want right now isn’t marriage but is companionship.
  5. Lazy Sunday mornings
  6. Professors who actually care about me and my career
  7. Readings- My favorite thing about the lit scene. Being read to
  8. NPR- I haven’t become a member because I’m poor but I love it. It’s sort of how I stay plugged in. And by sort of I mean is.
  9. Patience- Always going to be something but if you can keep waiting maybe something good will come along
  10. My job- So many people are without work right now. I’m grateful for my one little drive me crazy job. And I can’t wait to dig into it more.

2 Responses to “Grown up Gratitudes and the things I’m not so grateful for….”

  1. carmencitaloves October 13, 2010 at 1:51 PM #

    First Celeste, and now you. Ok. I guess it is officially time to put my gratitudes into the world….


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